Reading and writing difficulties? Perhaps dyslexia?

English-speaking in Denmark - are you worried about your child’s reading and writing development? Maybe you are wondering whether he or she might be dyslexic?

We can assess your child’s reading and writing in English and decide whether or not dyslexia is the cause of the problems. We will produce a report in either Danish or English including thorough recommendations on how best to support your child’s reading and writing development. We can also advise you on supportive computer programs and devices.

The assessment comprises standardized tests in oral reading and word decoding together with a number of important tests in phonological awareness, oral spelling, listening comprehension and digit span. The assessment is performed as 2 x 1½ hour sessions and, if you and your child wish, a parent may also attend.

After receiving the report parents are invited to a meeting in order to discuss its contents and ask any question you may have.

Up to and including upper secondary school (in Denmark STX, HTX, HHX): DKK 8.500,- plus VAT. After secondary school: DKK 7.500,-  plus VAT.

The report can be written in English. The extra charge for this is DKK 1.900,- plus VAT.

Liselotte Kulpa from ’Nyt Mod’ is an experienced speech and reading therapist with a Masters Degree (+ two years) in this field from the University of Copenhagen. She has been supporting persons with dyslexia full time since 1993.

New possibility of assessment in English:  WIAT-III-UK - The comprehensive standardized academic assessment 

As parents, understanding your child's strengths and areas for growth is essential for nurturing their development. The Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, 3rd UK Edition(WIAT-III-UK) is a powerful tool designed to provide comprehensive insights into your child's academic abilities.

What is WIAT-III? WIAT-III-UK is a comprehensive world-recognized assessment that highlights strengths and pinpoints students' needs, focusing on the academic areas of reading, writing, mathematics, and language. This information helps tailor educational approaches to meet your child's unique needs.

WIAT-III-UK uncovers how your child learns best and identifies areas where they excel. This information empowers parents and educators to support and guide your child's learning journey.

At Nyt Mod, we offer WIAT-III assessments conducted by experienced professionals. The test administration takes up to two 1.5-hour sessions. A report with specific recommendations for your child's learning is generated based on the testing results.After receiving the report you will be invited to a follow-up meeting in order for you to have the possibility to ask all the elaborating questions that naturally appear.

The cost of the assessment, including a comprehensive report and a follow-up meeting, is 10.850 DKK plus VAT (25%). The assessment will take place at the office of Nyt Mod in Allerød.

For further information, please contact speech and reading therapist Liselotte Kulpa at


Client references

August 2013
We are a Danish family posted in Ghana. We have three children who all attend the International school in Accra. Since starting school our eldest son Victor has had reading and writing difficulties. We therefore contacted ’Nyt Mod’ in order to assess Victor for dyslexia. Since Victor has never attended a Danish school, we needed ’Nyt Mod’ to perform the assessment in English. Liselotte Kulpa agreed to do so, and also to write the report in English to make it possible for the International School to read the report and estimate its recommendations.
We have been most satisfied with the open and professional way in which Liselotte worked with our son. The English report is written in a way that is readable and intelligible for us parents who are now about to understand what dyslexia means to our son and his schoolwork. The English-speaking teachers who have read the report also praise it for being clear and of direct benefit to them in their work with our son.

Therefore we can fully recommend other families who need a reading and writing assessment of their child in English to contact ’Nyt Mod’.

Once again Liselotte, thank you so much for your good work.

Hanne Severin, Ghana

February 2011
We can highly recommend "Nyt Mod" who has helped our bilingual daughter by teaching in English after methods for dyslexic children.
"Nyt Mod" has motivated Julie to read and write on a daily basis. She has improved tremendously and feels much more confident and happy with school work.
Julie was also taught to use IT tools which are a great help both at school and home.
After "Nyt Mod" diagnosed our daughther with dyslexia, her own school finally accepted the challange and are now providing better support, for which we're very grateful.

Alexander and Tine Erhold, Nivå, Denmark
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